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Dear Supporters,

We now are a community of over 70,000 individuals who believe in the value of human diversity and who hope for equality for all. We, in turn, value you. We thank you for your support and your courage to Stand With Barb Webb and to encourage Marian to be the change. We ARE being heard.

We have established a crowd-funding campaign with help from the lovely folks at THEYbklyn, to raise funds that will be offered to the Marian High School administration and their sponsors in exchange for:

1) a sustainable professional development plan to train all faculty and staff in diversity and inclusivity;

2) a high-quality diversity club moderated by either a trained staff member or a trained youth advocate where students can feel supported (and offer support) regardless of their sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or ability.

If each of us who signed the petition donate just $1, we would have nearly $70,000--a sum of money that is difficult to ignore. We are grateful for any and all support you are able to provide, including continuing to spread our message. 

In solidarity,
The Organizers




IHM Sisters issue statement:

The Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the order that sponsors Marian High School, issued a statement on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 written by their president, Mary Jane Herb, IHM, PH.D. to alumnae that states:

"These are challenging times and times in which we feel that God's Spirit is working with us, encouraging us to respond to the signs of the times in new ways. James Martin, SJ, reflecting on Pope Francis' teaching, the Joy of the Gospel, states, "Pope Francis is challenging himself--and us--with three questions, each of which flows naturally from the other: First, Why not look at things from a new perspective? Second, why not be open to doing things in a new way? And third, Why not have a new vision for the church?"

While we are encouraged by this gesture, our work truly has only just begun. Join us in our Facebook group for ongoing dialogue and next steps or visit our Take Action page to get involved. 

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